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i think we have this one??? maybe??? we still haven’t tested it or taken it out to figure out how big it is though and the box is pretty big

If you mean a Mustek HAHA GOOD LUCK

I bought one because I needed a scanner asap and it was really cheap and heck it scanned pretty well! I was really pleased with how it scanned b/w comic pages.


It couldn’t handle color scans AT ALL and it started falling apart after only a month and now it won’t install on any computer and freezes up a lot. The newer Mustek models don’t sound any better according to reviews. Yeah they’re only like $180 but lots of people are reporting that they fall apart after about 2 months. So basically it’s an inexpensive scanner that does a pretty good job but is cheaply made and won’t last long enough to make it worth your while.

I found an affordable scanner/printer that has an 11x17” scanning bed and good reviews UM



My Mustek ran without a problem for only about a month and now it’s completely useless so here’s to hoping this new one lasts me much longer.